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 Post subject: My bad experience with Aeroflop!
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Aeroflot Problems – Travel date 31 March 2008

I have been a member of the Aeroflot bonus club as a frequent traveller with the airline and until my return flight from Moscow to London, on the 31 March 2008, I was very happy with their service.

On the 31 March 2008 I was returning from Ufa to London via Moscow, had an excellent flight between Ufa and Moscow and I did not use the transit service between SVO1 to SVO2, as I was meeting somebody at SVO2.

When time came to check in for my flight to London, I arrived at the checking desk about 45 minutes before departure but the lady on the checking desk told me I was not on the flight and I must go to the ticket desk. Unbeknown to me that flight had already closed but I went to the ticket desk no 6 where the lady checked my flight, typed some comments, made a print out with a Time stamp on it, showing that my flight was OK and advised me to go back quickly and check-in for my flight.

At the checking desk the same lady refused to check me in and she kept telling me to go back to the ticket desk again. Due to her lack of speaking any English she gave me no other explanations or help and after arguing with her nearly 10 minutes finally she moved her self and looked to find the supervisor. Of course by the time the supervisor, arrived it was too late to check in for my flight and I was advised that I have to go back to the ticket desk and rebook my flight.

At the ticket desk No 6, I was told that I have to buy a new ticket Moscow-London and was quoted the price of 30858 Rubbles. When I complained about the price and asked her about changing the flight to next departing flight and paying the penalty of 100 Euro, that they normally charge for flight change, I was told that she is busy and put the shutter down in her window.

I went back to the supervisor who came with me and advised another lady on the ticket desk to issue a new Economy ticket. I asked the lady, who only spoke Russian, for a return ticket and she completely ignored me and issued a single O/W ticket at the price of 30858 Rubbles. Then it took her over 15 minutes, to charge my card and by the time I went back to the checking desk the flight had closed again. Fortunately, this time, the supervisor took action and despite the closed flight she checked me in on the flight.

As you must realise I was extremely angry with the treatment that I received from the Aeroflot ground staff at SVO2. They hardly speak any English and their attitudes towards clients of the airline are very unhelpful to the point of been rude. Basically they don’t care to provide good service or to be helpful to their clients.

Here are the points I raised in my complain letter to their customer service in London.

1. Having travelled over 10 times with your airline on the same route, despite my late arrival at the checking desk, I would expect the lady in the checking desk to take fast action, contact the supervisor, if the control had closed the flight in her screen, at the moment of my arrival, to ask permission to allow her to check me in on the flight. She did nothing of that except to direct me to the ticket desk No 6.

2. On my return with the print out that the flight was OK she should have checked me in and if she could not then she should ask for the supervisor’s help. Unfortunately it took nearly 10 minutes before moving from her desk and contacting the supervisor, by which time it was too late to be checked in.

3. After this failure your supervisor should have asked the ticket desk to change my flight to the next available one, which was departing at 11.05 AM. She did nothing of that and she did not even suggest that I may have to pay a penalty, which normally is 100 EURO for changing your flight.

4. The lady on the ticket desk refused to issue me a return ticket, which costs around 24000 Rubbles and issued me the highest fare of 30858 Rubbles, delayed me so much that I nearly missed that flight too. By the way that flight was nearly empty.

Under the circumstances I request full compensation for the exorbitant additional costs of 30858 Rubbles that I was forced to pay, when clearly there was no mistake on my part. I arrived at the cut off time at your checking in desk and the lady should have checked me on that flight. I am sure you would agree that your staff should have taken the appropriate action to facilitate and help a frequent client who arrived at that late hour.

I look forward to receiving your answer and the appropriate compensation for the exorbitant price I was charged.

Yours faithfully

Final Result.

After wrangling with the customer service for nearly 3 months and having sent several emails to Moscow and London offices, I was advised over the phone that a FULL refund was authorised and finally was made to my Credit Card.

During this period no replies to my letter were received neither a letter of apology from anybody from the airline, which shows how much they care in providing a good service to their clients. Probably they don’t know how!

It’s no coincidence that the airline has acquired the nick name Aeroflop!


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