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Author:  Daz0187 [ 19 Dec 2013 03:57 ]
Post subject:  Australian Forum Ideas

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone knows of any Forums similar that are based on Australian experience?
The reason I ask is that My Russian girl Anya & I are looking into visa options for her to come live with me in Australia.

I need to ask the best road to go down in order for us to be approved in Australia.

Wiz: Don't get me wrong I really enjoy this forum and have learnt a lot from yours and everyone's experiences.
Just need to find some local knowledge as Anya and I are taking the next step.

Anya is worried about if she can get a job etc, Makes me laugh as she has a diploma in marketing, she is a qualified language teacher & she works in a Moscow bank at the moment as a personal assistant so I don't think she will have troubles.

Yeah so anyway if anyone has any good sites they could point me in the right direction that would be great.



Author:  wiz [ 19 Dec 2013 07:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian Forum Ideas

Hi Daz

Not a problem my friend..... we have not created this board with a view to make money.....
like some other boards. I am sure you noticed the absence of any advertisements and if we allow members to recommend certain services it's because our members have used them and
it will help any new comers too.

This board is a place where old and new can come and chat, have their questions answered, when is possible but in your case unfortunately we have no members from Australia.... to help.

There is another board, where I am still a member and can read but not post... where I know there are a few Australian members.

Sorry I have not been there for over 2 years now..... but if you visit and register.... make a search for the posts of a member I/O ... Mat. He knows all you need to know, if he is still around.

Any how remember we are always here and we will be happy to know about your progress with Annya.

BTW you can mention in your introduction post that:

Wiz, from Russian World Forums recommended RWD to you and sends regards to admin .... DAN

That will surprised him and some others. [wink.gif]


Author:  Daz0187 [ 22 Dec 2013 05:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian Forum Ideas

Hi Wiz & Panel,

Just to keep you updated
I have joined RWD forum and have found a fair few Aussie such as I/O JayH and Dan who all say hi to you.
Anya & I are now in the process of applying for our Prospective Marriage Visa so we are both really excited.
I will keep you updated on our progress.
I am so glad that I found these forums and have found so much great advice and I thank you all.
The whole process of our application seem pretty simple from both sides (Aus & Russia) we have already started getting our documentation ready to submit.
Anya has joined a forum in Russia that there are alot of FSU women that have been down the Visa application in Australia and she is finding them very helpful in her preparation to start her new life with me.
We are expecting that if all goes to plan we will get married on 14/5/15 as this is the day that we first meet online as well as my mums birthday so I will never forget our anniversary lol.

Once again have a great Christmas and a happy New year.


Daz [thanks.gif] [thanks.gif] [thanks.gif] [thanks.gif] [thanks.gif] [thanks.gif] [drinks.gif]

Author:  Luckyspin [ 02 Feb 2015 04:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian Forum Ideas

Hi Daz

Happy new year.....

Any news from your adventure in Russia?

Are you married and your woman in Australia yet?

Just asking!


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